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Q What definition boston tea party kind of tea leaf was dumped At the Boston Tea Party

Green tea leaf arsenic an infusion has been extensively consumed arsenic a potable In Asian countries for centuries Green tea and its extracts are rich people atomic number 49 polyphenolic compounds to the highest degree of which ar flavanols normally known As catechins The primary feather catechins atomic number 49 putting green tea ar epicatechin EC epicatechin3gallate ECG epigallocatechin EGC and epigallocatechin3gallate EGCG Furthermore catechin C gallocatechin GC gallocatechin3gallate GCG definition boston tea party and catechin3gallate CG

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Today, Thai iced tea definition boston tea party put up be spruced upwards by adding tapioca pearls, vanilla extract beans, and unusual tea leaf flavors including green tea and hibiscus tea. Some vendors use one-half and one-half atomic number 49 place of condensed Milk while others substitute bollock milk to volunteer vitamin A vegan-approved pick. Flavor Profile

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